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Since the history of the Bible, we have heard the names of a few people whom God has blessed especially, among whom we can quote Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, Solomon ...
Indeed the covenant made by God with Abraham precisely in the book of Genesis shows that all Christians are of the seed of Abraham and who normally must be blessed as their forefather Abraham according to the promise made. Unfortunately this has not been the case for a very long time until our days when Christians are condemned to default. This is sharp and visible, leading to serious consequences, such as apostasy, diminished zeal and piety, the squalor of gifts, contempt for the word of God, disregard of moral and social rules, Nature and so on.
Whereas in the Bible, the ALL-POWER God, our heavenly Father declares the following: I am the God of gold and silver (Haggai 2: 8), can the word of GOD lie ? Or is GOD unjust? For he possesses gold and silver in abundance, and his children are in his breach. Certainly not and forever! For God does not lie (Num 23: 19)
We Christians today are not going to wait until manna falls again from heaven in this 21st century but we must stand up to show the power of GOD through the work of our hands because he himself said I will bless the work of our hands. So a Christian must not live without work or in idleness.
It was with this in mind that the project called Aid of the Development Christian under the acronym ACD was born to help the Christian to have a complementary activity serving as a channel to receive the fullness of his blessing coming from GOD. For Jesus being with his father from the beginning of the world, the promise made must be fulfilled and this is what the Bible reassures us in the book of the happy "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and eternally"


With the aim of bringing Christians out of poverty and fighting the disappearance of naturally occurring plant and animal products, the Christian Development Assistance (CDA) project was launched. It was on March 20, 2017 last that Mrs. Catherine VALLES and Mr. Sévérin DALOHOUN formed a partnership in order to grant the Beninese Christians a complementary activity of shared incomes up to 40% after eight months of activity, in addition Enormous social benefits.


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