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Thanks to your financial participation, we can buy the first livestock of a breeder who can start his activity.
Then 8 months later, the fruit of his work will be sold and after deduction of the amount necessary for the activity of the following season, the profits will be shared between the breeder, the benefactor and ACD, and so on every 8 months . It is also possible to make donations.

We also offer a natural plant storage business for which funds are needed to start up. Then we will launch the agriculture activity in order to perpetuate the development in each of the regions.

Each year, breeders will receive social advantages, following your first financial contribution. And the benefactors will be rewarded for any recommendation.


Both natural and animal species are endangered worldwide in favor of genetically modified organisms. In Africa and specifically in Benin, given the scarcity of natural products on the market, their prices are rising considerably.

Having understood that genetically modified products are responsible for many diseases of the present century and whose final consequence is the reduction of the lifetime of man, natural products are the most sought after on the Beninese market. In this West African country, while poverty is in full swing with a worrying unemployment rate, Christians are the most drowned in the latter. To help them, this project is created to give Christians a complementary activity of income in order to improve a little bit their socio-economic conditions; Share with them up to 40% of income and cover them three major needs namely: health insurance, school supplies for their children every year, party gifts and many other surprises ...

After two years of breeding a small livestock herd, the balance of yields and benefits was very positive. These results have stimulated a large number of Christians to request the granting of this activity. But now, when other Christians from other churches have heard that such wonderful things have happened, the number of claimants has increased unprecedentedly.

How to Help
More than 50 households today are waiting for the possibility of starting this activity, so a financial contribution is necessary for the purchase of the initial livestock, animal feed and benefits of the participants.

The Test Phase

Today, many do not want work of this kind, that is to say to remain a little dirty to make money (ex: breeding) and prefer the civil service where the gain is easy; Which made the country very expensive on all levels. I know a local church in Benin located in the department of Kouffo, in the commune of Aplahoue precisely in the village of Aflantan, a locality located in the south-west of Benin where Christians live only in the cruel breach and this in the daily. Their social situation is characterized by the fact that they are Christians without shelter, without income-generating activities, without food supplies, without clothing and even without access to health care against diseases of minor gravity ...
This locality was my mother's village and it touched me very much. That's why I decided to initiate this activity with 2 people from this village in 2015.

Créé par Cathy VALLES

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