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The adherent will be Christian and voluntary. The construction of an enclosure will be his responsibility before the start of his activity, to show his desire to do this work.
Participation in monthly masses will be mandatory to discuss with other breeders and anticipate different problems. A supervisor will check that the animals are well fed and healthy.


1 year after the member begins his activity, he will be offered health insurance every year. It will cover small gravity diseases for a value of about $ 16 / year.


As soon as the participant has started his activity and has one or more children, he will list the school supplies he needs. The company will buy them for a maximum total budget of $ 24. At the beginning of the school year, the school supplies purchased for his children will be offered.


Other gifts will also be offered during the year depending on their activity.


In order to help us find investors to participate in our project, the NGO decided to reward the following recommendations:
1 / Any investor member (so somewhere the amount invested from 10 $) can make recommendation!
2 / All amounts deposited by the person recommended will be taken into account for the calculation of the reward.
3 / The reward is 5% of the amounts deposited (this percentage may change according to the urgent needs between the plants and the breeders).

To do so, it is sufficient that the recommended person appoints his sponsor when sending his proof of payment or, failing that, the sponsor sends an e-mail by appointing the person he has recommended. After verification, the reward of more than 10 $ will be sent by the same means of payment as the recommended person having deposited.


At the request of the villagers of Aplahoué, our first members, a "tontine" will be organized by ACD in order to allow some of them (different at each end of the season) to obtain a collective financing for their house or vehicle Or other. The company does not keep the money, it simply carries out the harvest and redistribution of donations at the end of the season right after the sales of animals.


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