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The members are the volunteers to raise a small livestock sponsored by the company and share the income of the sale after 8 months of breeding.

Toutou David Patrice

Membership date: 17/02/2015
I think it is a good activity especially for me who had ambition since the young age. And still in the end it gives a lot to give. I am very happy to continue with this activity.


It should be noted above all that the NGO has a mission of Christian origin and aims primarily to save the lost honor of Christians in Benin living in social conditions more miserable than those of non-Christians. We trust people of faith, that we get to know and trust. We also see what is happening in today's world, namely: the absolute lack of trust, the hijackings here and there, the scammers or hackers, thefts, etc ... For these reasons, We have decided to reserve this activity exclusively for Christians, so as not to be too afraid, because we want to perpetuate this activity and make it reach the national and international level, hence the name: CHRISTIAN AID TO DEVELOPMENT.


  • Being christian baptized with water

  • To be a remarkable Christian in the fear of GOD

  • Being at least 20 years of age

  • Be able and willing to raise animals for 8 months without traveling

  • Be willing to attend the monthly prayers for his animals which are made every 1st of the month of 20 H to 21 H 30

  • Be ready to be faithful in the payment of the dimes to the church or 10% of his income


  • A letter of application for membership to the national coordinator of the project to 100 FCFA, which makes it possible to register on the waiting list.

  • A photocopy of the certificate of baptism

  • A photocopy of the national identity card or the lepi card (voter's card)

  • A signature form for the signature of the contract at 250 FCFA to be withdrawn at the headquarters of the project. The signature of the contract commits the participant and the company to respect the terms of the contract. From the date of signature of the two parties, the participant will start its activity within 2 months.

  • A recent photo ID

  • A form attesting the membership of 500 FCFA to be withdrawn at the headquarters of the project. This document attests to the start of the activity.


The motto of the project is WORK, BENEDICTION, DEVELOPMENT

Article 1: Any Christian of any denomination may benefit from the project
Article 2: The supervisor is the only person responsible for seeing the condition of the animals and the responsibility to say whether they are malnourished or not.
Article 3: The national coordinator is the only one with executive power
Article 4: In case the animals are badly fed, the member is withdrawn from the project the following season.
Article 5: In case of loss of a purchased animal, the participant reimburses the initial purchase price of the animal at the end of the season
Article 6: The participant signs a contract of 6 years renewable several times according to his will
Article 7: Member does not have the right to claim insurance costs if he / she is not ill within the year
Article 8: The participant has the right to claim the reimbursement of his insurance costs even after he has spent to do the care
Article 9: The participant is called to make the enclosure itself and to keep its enclosure clean throughout the season
Article 10: The monthly prayer is obligatory for every member and is controlled by the holder of the executive power.
Article 11: The dead (of the animals) registered during the season (on births) are not taken into account at the end of the season.
Article 12: If the contract is not renewed at the end of the aforementioned period (6 years), the participant and the company no longer have any mutual obligation
Article 13: If the contract is interrupted before the end of the period mentioned above, whether by the company or the participant, the reimbursement of the livestock of the first year must be withheld from the profits of the last year Season of $ 160


The pre-launch of our activities was a success and ended at the end of December 2017 with the reception of the approval by the prefecture of Aplahoué. 9 breeders started their activities, 700 kg of plants were purchased, school supplies were distributed and Christmas gifts also.


We are starting to expand our scope and allow pre-registration online. After validation, the member is a full member of the project and expects funding to start his first season and to be eligible for benefits.


Please click the button below to fill out the registration form.


David Samuel

Date of membership: 03/02/2015

I think at first this activity seems difficult but in the end it gives a lot to give. Also as God said it must work so I am ready at all times to continue with this activity.

Créé par Cathy VALLES

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